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I am passionate and driven to help those in need and especially children.



From going on mission trips in Kenya to doing local fundraisers, and being one of the co-founders of Grief Heroes Foundation, I want to see the results of my help and not just donate $15 to a charity online.


I have been fortunate to join my dad, who is volunteering at the Red Cross. We have assisted local families who have lost their homes, and I have often comforted the children.

My dad, and I along with

service dog Mimi

I'm currently attending Celebration high school.

In my spare time, I work voluntarily at Grief Heroes Foundation.  

I do a wide range of things, from video editing, authoring books to managing social media accounts, and being a spokesperson in the media.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Grief Workbook for Teenagers

ICAN is being published in October 2020.  The book is authored by Susan Binau, and co-authored by Isabella Escobedo (16), who lost her mother Eunice in May 2019, and Andy Binau (15). The book will be a part of a donation program for high school students and available to purchase on Amazon.



My job was to interview teenagers who have lost a parent or sibling. Their stories taught me that grief is a lonely journey. People act weird and awkward; afraid to say or do the wrong things, they don't say anything or use phrases that send the wrong message:

"Are you ok"? or "I know how you feel" or  "Everything happens for a reason."

Working with Isabella Escobedo (16), has shown me how it is possible to turn hurt into power. I have so much respect for her wanting to write the book to make a positive difference. 

For more information or to sign up for news about the book, please visit www.griefheroes.org.


Brainstorming day with co-author Isabella Escobedo 

To close the gap of loneliness,

the key is education.

In times like these during the COVID-19 pandemic, kids & teens experience hardship beyond grief.  There are so many losses and disappointments. If we don't know how to express our thoughts and frustrations, it stores inside. 


Grief Heroes Foundation is committed to provide grief healing resources to children and teenagers.

People don't know what to say or do when children and teenagers are grieving. We need to learn to 'speak grief.


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