About Grief Heroes Foundation

A few years later, in 2015, we published the

Super Dog Zam Grief Healing Series. 

My mother, Susan Binau, and I have been working together for a long time. 




She helped me get my first book published in 2013, when I was nine and lost a friend to cancer.

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We continue our mission supporting grieving children and teenagers through Grief Heroes Foundation

Become A Hero For A Grieving Child In Oklahoma


Families with grieving children can access free grief healing books on our website.

"When my mom asked for my help starting Grief Heroes Foundation, I was all in.

I have lost friends, and my friends have lost parents and siblings. It's so difficult. Especially to know what to do or say to comfort them."

Grief Heroes Foundation provides hope and grief resources that help children and teenagers cope during times of adversity. 





We learned from Emily Kloeppel, a 4th-grade teacher

and her colleges that students from Oklahoma's inner-city schools are in urgent need of support. 

In August 2020 we started a GoFundMe, and with contributions from donors, we shipped "Grief Heroes Donations" to 18 elementary schools in Putnam City School District in Oklahoma. 


"In a school where trauma is abundant, and teachers and counselors are doing everything they can to help, the hope these donations bring can't be overstated. This will impact hundreds of students and families in Oklahoma City, and I am so excited to see the changes born of it."


Emily Kloeppel, 4th-grade teacher

Windsor Hills Elementary School