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There are two events in my life that had an impact on who I am today.


A mission trip to Kenya with my dad changed my perspective on life.  Seeing how poor they were yet happier than most people I know was mindblowing.

The time when I lost a friend to brain cancer and dealt with my emotions by writing a book to comfort his sister. I learned that doing something good for others is the best way to make sense of life when it sucks. Like losing a friend to cancer. 


Between high school and sport, I volunteer for Grief Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit I co-founded with my mom, and our partners in 2019.

In November 2020 we shipped Grief Heroes Packages, each consisting of one ‘Super Dog Zam’ grief healing book, a set of colored pencils, and a drawstring backpack, to students at 18 elementary schools in Oklahoma City.

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We are committed to providing grief healing resources to children and teenagers who often have to cope with grief on their own. 

In times like these during the COVID-19 pandemic, kids & teens experience hardship beyond grief.  There are so many losses and disappointments. If we don't know how to express our thoughts and frustrations, it stores inside. 





Grief Workbook

For Teenagers


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Working on the book with Isabella Escobedo (16) has shown me how it is possible to turn hurt into power. She lost her mother Eunice in May 2019, and I have so much respect for her wanting to write the book to make a positive difference. 



Meet Isabella who is Ambassador for

Grief Heroes Foundation.

ICAN will be published in October 2021 in English and Spanish. The workbook is authored by Susan Binau and co-authored by Isabella Escobedo (17), and Andy Binau (16) and with contributions from young people who have experienced grief firsthand. The book will be available to read or download for free on our website or to purchase online. 



For more information or to sign up for news about the book, please visit www.griefheroes.org.

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